iDetailAid is used by top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies with eDetail content being created by internal teams, digital factories and over 70 healthcare and digital agencies worldwide.

AmBisome's Gold award winning Digital Interactive content was successfully implemented in iDetailAid which has enabled rapid distribution to affiliate markets for localisations and direct publication to veeva for use in Mobile CRM. This greatly reduced the time it took to get our messaging into the hands of Therapeutic Specialists across Europe and Asia-Pacific

Associate Director, AmBisome EMEA

Using existing methods for the creation of Interactive Detail Aids, we were less able to react quickly to commercial needs and were spending more budget than we wanted to.

After adopting iDetailAid and integrating with our Veeva platform, we have realised signifcant cost and time savings, have more flexibility to make updates and have simplifed our upload and go-live process

Brand Manager, AstraZeneca Global Commercial

We use iDetailAid across a number of different accounts and it has greatly reduced the time it takes us to design and ultimately produce digital sales aids. Crucially, we have been able to remove a number of steps from previous workflows, including InDesign layout and programming stages, meaning we can deliver time and cost savings to our customers

Alex Watson, Director Touch Creative Design
DDB Remedy

As a global brand agency, we use iDetailAid to author and structure content at an EMEA level and then distribute to local affiliate markets across Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific. Throughout the campaign it is easy to make changes using iDetailAid based on new data or insights gained through Veeva and quickly update local markets with the changes, ready for immediate transcreation

Ashley Richardson, Senior Account Director,
DDB Remedy
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